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7963 N. Delaware County Line Rd. Albany, IN 47320

Offering Premium Pork Products Since 1965

Located in Albany, Indiana, Shaffer Family Meats has been offering choice cuts of pork, sausage, and bacon from pigs raised on our farm.  Started by Clyde Shaffer Sr. in 1965, we are a 4th generation farm that specializes in raising registered Duroc line of pigs.

Shaffer Family Meats is committed to raising our pigs in an environment that is clean and provides three times the square footage per pig than the corporation pigs.  Our pigs are fed food milled by us using corn grown on our farm, and are cared for in a way that shows respect and integrity for the animal.

At Shaffer Family Meats, we are proud to deliver antibiotic free, high health, and quality registered Duroc line of meats from our family’s farm to your family’s dinner table!

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Pork is divided into large sections called primal cuts. Pork primal cuts are ham, loin, butt, shoulder picnic, belly bacon, and spare ribs.  The most desirable cuts of pork are from the rib and loin — which is from higher up on the animal.  The shank and shoulder cuts are the toughest cuts of pork; however, with proper cooking, they can be juicy and delicious!

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